Authentically handcrafted in the Netherlands. Made with Svelte


Man, I really should finish more projects...

Software & scripts
The site you currently have on display :D
Has a full CI/CD environment with a GitLab worker running on my homelab.

May contain easter-eggs...
A browser extension to instant download samples from
Replaces the download button with one that directly downloads the sample.

Bypasses authentication scheme and download limit.
What an annoyance can make a man do...
VM Config
A small script to easily configure the VM's I create.
It setups auto-updating, SSH via public/private keys, fail2ban and much more!

3D Printing

Deep Rock Galactic - The board game | swarm modifier
A tabletop item for the official swarm modifier for the Deep Rock Galactic board game. Can be placed on the table as a reminder that it is in effect.
Ikea Skadis 4x AA battery case holder
A simple mount for the Ikea Skadis to hold this battery case.