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Hey there!


Software engineer, with a passion for music, (cyber) security, privacy and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

... But enough about me, let's talk tech!


Probably my favorite subject to talk about.
It's such a big aspect on how the world runs right now, even tho most people don't realise it.

I mean, think about it.

The Unix ecosystem, runs on countless different devices like servers, phones, game-consoles, personal computers. The million's of packages people make and maintain for all the available programming languages. Software, like Blender, GIMP, GoDot, FreeCAD, and many, many more to compete with their insanely expensive, proprietary counterparts.

All for free and open, to everyone.

My Homelab

I've got a home owned server, running on 20 cores, 32 gigies of RAM and like 12 TB of storage, from which around 4-5TB is usable. The server is, as you could expect, powered by FOSS (and solar power!). Here's a list of software that I use to have it all up and running 24/7:

  • Proxmox, is used for virtualization
  • TrueNAS, is used for managing my disks and NFS shares
  • Docker, is used for running all my services
  • Portainer, is used to manage my stacks with docker-compose

And to make the services accessible over the network and beyond, I have a MikroTik router running RouterOS. I do basic router things with this, nothing special.

A bit more about me

Alright, I guess you want to know more about me.

Besides IT related subjects, I like to play with music. I play piano, electric guitar, a Roland TR-6S, some Korg Volca's and a Nintendo DS with NitroTracker, which I often jam on to pass time. Keeping my plants alive is a challenge, and I use my 3d printer (Anycubic Kobra Neo), to print all sorts of things.

In the winter I love to go down the slopes with my skies in Austria, after I drank a "Heiße schoko mit sahne und rum". I also have a boat with some friends, maar boeie.